Bonnie Neumann


I paint to make traces of the invisible visible by bringing my subconscious experiences into conscious awareness. I ascribe value to these moments of awareness by creating a space where these moments can exist. Over time I have come to realize I have always wanted to make art to make myself visible. By making art, my experiences are grounded, solid, earthy.

Memory edits what I see and then painting edits memory, until what is produced looks nothing like what has been seen. The paradox of making paintings is that the more I describe, the less of the invisible, it’s essence, there will be in the work. It’s a delicate balance.

This searching for self through art has been a cumulative process which has evolved over three decades of work. The ambition is for the work to surprise me, informing me about myself. It is similar to looking in a mirror. Painting is self-recognition. It is presence.

My means of doing this change as I change, and as my relationship to the outside world changes. The gestural work of the past several years is made by using my hands, fingers, arms, palette knives, and scrapers. By using my hands to push paint there is an immediate transfer of energy. It is direct, sensual, and intimate.